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There are a few rules i follow when making a kit. First rule is controling core temp. You can DIE of Exposure within just a few hours, so Core temperature regulation, it UTMOST important. That means shelter and fire needs.
First we will cover emergency blankets, tarps and bivies, which can be used to wrap ourselves for shelter, or set up to make a shelter, that can be heated with a fire. I prefer SOL brand for tarps and used them for years.  SOL Heat sheet SOL Breathable Bivy  SOL Heavy duty tarp   This is a very rugged tarp and great for shelter building. You can also go with a lower quality 6×8 tarp if you like.  Reflex Survival Shelter.  I designed  this shelter to be an Ultimate Survival /camp shelter. It is for the serious hiker or outdoor person, that can increase your chances of staying alive in storms or extreme cold. I have a video showing how to set it up, on the home page. This Rain jacket is very similar to the jacket i have used for years and used on the ALONE Show.  I use this jacket alot in the rain and keeps me dry.  These rain pants have kept me dry in many storms. These rain pants should make for a great set of rain gear, to keep you protected from the elements.
Those are some options for cover, now for fire making
FIRE MAKING :  Pskook flint and steel striker – This can be used for a bearing block, steel striker for flint or scraper.  UCO STORMPROOF Sweetfire -These fire starters are great and last a decent amount of time to get questionable tinder lit.  Stormproof matches are known to help with getting fire started in bad weather.  Bic Lighters have been a great fire maker in many of my outdoor fires. Yellow is easy to see if dropped .
 Cordage is important for many reasons, i teach setting up a shelter that i have used in extreme cold and weather. It uses cordage and a tarp, the tarps i have covered, now for cordage. You will want a paracord or strong cordage for a ridgeline, as well as a smaller cordage for tieouts loops. Cordage has many uses and paracord can do most things, but i prefer a smaller mason twine as well or bank line.  This paracord is a great option, high strength and reflective so you can see your lines at night with a light. #36 bankline is a great all around string tarred twine. Many use it and swear by it, for their outdoor needs.
 We have shelter and fire covered, next would be clothing and sleep gear. In a kit i’ll add, a extra winter hat, warm gloves and leather gloves. Extra wool socks, and a long sleeve tshirt. Also rain gear that is lightweight and compact is added to my kits.
SLEEP SYSTEM :   Onetigris light patrol down filled sleeping bag. Compact and light at 2.4lbs, the weight is well worth the carry for what it can do, i have used this bag for years. This can increase my chances of survival, by a HUGE amount. I am not fire dependent for warmth, at 0c and above. Used with the bivy, you are waterproof and windproof, inside the sleep system. Naturehike 5c envelope sleeping bag is very compact and light at a great price. I have not used this bag, but i have used one very similar in this brand.
 This covers the Core temp regulation section. These few pieces of gear can HUGELY increase your chances of Surviving if you know how to use them. Most is easily used with very little instruction. Setting up a lean to and building a fire, are skills that may have to be learned by instruction, which i teach.
 Water is crucial to keep our body performing at its best. Dehydration can result in death with in a few days.  It is recommended to carry an EXTRA 1LITER OF WATER, YOU ONLY DRINK IN AN EMERGENCY.There are a few options for making water safe to drink that i recommend.     Aqua tabs are used by many and a simple effective way to treat water.   The Life Straw is carried and used by many and a good option.   The Sawyer Mini is my go to water filter because of all the options it has , as well as life longevity.   Extra Sawyer squeeze bags, light weight and great carries.    A Single walled Stainless steel water bottle is the best choice for a water boil in my opinion. If you boil water in a single walled bottle, you can make water safe to drink. You can also make hot drinks and soups in a stainless water bottle.
 With our core temp and water covered now we look at comfort items that you may like to add to your kit.
We are going to cover insect control, lighting, signalling and a couple books that may be helpful.   Off insect repellent towelettes, i have used and like this style of application. Easy to pack and carry. Off Deep woods i have used for years and highly recommend, it does contain deet, tho it keeps bugs from biting in my experience.  This is a bug suit, to keep insects off, i have not tried this product but i have used bug jackets and hoods, and they work amazing.  Here is an example of a head bug net , these work great but i suggest wearing a hat with them, to keep the netting off your face or they bite thru it.
I prefer having headlamps to have my hands free around camp or in the wilderness. Having 2 headlamps is a must for me to carry, incase one fails. I have used Energizer lights for years and love them. The low setting is great for around camp, and the high setting allows you to see very well at night.  These Thrunite lights are water proof, tough and a great choice in my outdoor adventures.
 Here we want to be seen or heard. So this is a few items that can attract attention, to get us found if need be.  Fox 40 whistle is a loud signalling device that can attract attention. I carry one at all time in the wilderness. Signal mirrors can attract attention from ground to air, or ground to ground.  Orange 100% cotton Bandanas can be used for prefiltering water, gathering berries, and many uses including flags for signalling. Launchable flares can help people locate your position as well. You can find pen launchers and flare gun options as well. This perimeter trip device can be used to secure a campsite from intruding wildlife, or used as a signal device .
Keeping your mind and hands busy can help with mental stress. Reading a book can help keep your mind busy and may help with useful information.  These books i have read and recommend to possibly give you some insite for the situation your in, or just a good camp read.
 1   Les Stroud Survive is a good book which i read and agree with.     Build the Perfect Bug Out Survival Skills     The Complete Survival shelter Handbook
These are a few good books with useful tips and tricks but are a good read as well.
CUTTING AND CAMPING TOOLS :  Agawa Canyon Boreal 21 is an awesome saw that is lightweight, compact and can drop firewood fast. Bahco PG-72 Folding saw. I have used the Bahco Laplander for years and love the saw.  Mora Garberg is one of the most rugged knives of the Morakniv blades. It was designed for the outdoors person.
The Maritimer Survival knife, is my ultimate Survival knife I designed. It has done all i wanted and needed in our forests. This is one SERIOUS SURVIVAL KNIFE. Contact me for ordering.
IT IS ALSO RECOMMENDED TO CARRY AN EXTRA OR, A DAYS WORTH OF FOOD FOR EMERGENCY.  Survival tabs, these are my emergency carry. Lightweight and provides me nutrition if lost or stranded.  Clif Bars, there are many flavors to choose from and are a food many carry for their outdoor ventures. Single serving of coffee , can help boost many folks mood.  Freeze dried meals last years if unopened and weigh very little, Great for that boost you may need in energy and attitude.
These are but a few suggestions that can help keep that positive attitude and simply made using your Staintless UNINSULATED water bottle.
 I hope this gear and recommendations help you build a survival kit. You can add more if you like, and you can  watch my video on the 24hr wilderness course kit, to show what i have my students use, to spend 24 hrs in the forest.
 I went over gear, for the intention of staying out for a day. The gear that is carried also can help, if your stuck out overnight or a few days. Now i wanted to cover gear that you will use ,for camping a night or a few days.  I start with staying dry and warm. That means tent, hammock or what ever i decide to use as a cover to keep me dry and protected from the elements. Second is a sleep system to keep me warm. Sleeping bags, sleep pads, underquilts. I’ll show you gear that i have used, and what has kept me warm and dry, through out the year in my Atlantic Coast weather.
PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS AND WARMTH  Onetigris Kompound hammock, is an awesome hammock. I use this hammock year around and in extreme temps, and as well in the heat of the summer. Bugnets allow you to have a bug free zone to sleep in.  This is my review of the hammock   Onetigris Tangram tent, is a great tent and i have used it in rain with no problems. I have used many tents and there are alot of options. I chose this one because it has done me well.   Check out my review here
3  Go outfitters Apex Shelter has endured many storms for me. It offers alot of cover for a hammock, or as a tarp shelter.   Onetigris Hideout hammock underquilt. This will keep you warm from underneath down to 5c. I have used this style of underquilt for years now, during extreme temps, i use two under quilts to ensure warmth.  Check out my review here
5  Thermal closed cell foam sleep pad. I have used man closed cell foam pads year around. I have found closed cell foam to be far warmer than self inflating or inflated pads.
6   Easthills Hammock and Rain fly Combo. This is a great buy for both a netted hammock and tarp. Check out my review here
WITH SLEEPING BAGS, i mentioned a couple in my previous post. The one i use are not listed, tho i use alot of bags from big box stores as well.
I could list many more, that is just some options, if you wish more recommendations let me know. 🙂  We will cover some cooking pots and stoves that i use and enjoy. Stoves can be very efficient and save alot of firewood , compared to a camp fire. I will list gas stoves, alcohol stoves and wood burning stoves.
Bushcraft Essentials LF folding wood camp stove. This stove is one of my favorite and can last a lifetime. This is for the serious camper. Check out the review
BRS – 11 GAS STOVE, this is a very stable gas burning stove that has boiled alot of water and cooked many meals for me. An excellent stove choice.
Alocs Camping alcohol stove and pot stand. I have one very similar and they work amazing for cooking or boiling water for a cheap price.
Esbit Alcohol Stove and Cookset combo. I have enjoyed this set, all in one and very lightweight.  This is a video review of the combo set.
 WOOD GAS STOVE, this stove is one of my main carries for a twig stove. I love how these work and the ease of use. This is not the same brand, but looks exactly like the stove i have and use.  Check out it works and my review.
APG Portable 1400ml pot stove combo. This cook kit is great for a fast meal on the go. Super fast boil time and only needs a can of gas to get you cooking.
Stanley Cookset, has been the favorite of MANY outdoor folks. They even have what people call the Green cup club, for the folks that love the cups in the kit. I am a green cup lover as well. 🙂
Solo Pot 1800ml, This is the pot i took on my adventure for the ALONE TV Series.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing just some of the gear i use while camping. I appreciate the support and Stay safe.