The forests can be a peaceful and healing place for many folks. Although it can be unforgiving and a dangerous place as well. My goal is to better prepare folks to combat those dangers and stay safe, while enjoying our great forests.

Wilderness Skills Training Videos

I created an Instructional Wilderness Survival video series, to teach Survival skills to the folks that cant make it, to a course. . This series of videos, is the next best thing, to actual hands on training. In this series it will cover Survival mentality, gear recommended to carry, Shelter, fire, water and Signalling, all essential skills if ever lost or stranded



Wilderness Skills Training

Wilderness skills are used by many people in the outdoors. These important skills can be used while camping, fishing, hiking, hunting etc, or possibly save your life if ever lost or stranded. You can book a course date by sending me a message for a private 1-3 person course, or you can join a group event. Stay safe and i’m here to help better prepare you, or a loved one, for the adventures we take in the outdoors.